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Bal d’ Afrique perfume is a warm and romantic vetiver inspired through Paris inside the overdue ’20s and its infatuation with African lifestyle, art, music, and dance a mix of the Parisian avant-gardism and African culture formed a unique and colorful expression. The base notes in the Bal D’ Afrique Eau de Perfume are intense, combining Moroccan cedar wood, musk and black amber, and the top notes are refreshing, with hints of lemon, bergamot and African marigold.
Fragrance it is one of those perfumes that appears to be all things to all people some describe it as musky, violets, a few as a creamy lemon heady scent, and some as a fruity, nutty vetiver. And reality be advised, it’s all of these things and greater.
A Perfect Gift Available in an elegant 100ml bottle this perfume for women will make a top notch gifting choice to your loved ones.
? A fragrance that blends perfectly with your body.
? It enhances your masculinity.
? Boosts your confidence levels even during sweaty season.
? Long lasting and moderate.
? Opera Perfume long lasting good 10 to 12 hours.


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