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Erba Pura is a flexible oriental fragrance that?s mild sufficient for day by day. The heady perfume opens with candy, radiant tones of citrus, mingling vibrant orange and lemon with cute serene bergamot. The coronary heart is luxurious with Mediterranean culmination infused with warm, spellbinding nuances of Bourbon vanilla. Amber and white musk within the base notes create a clean but intimate end that leaves an easy, summery trail.
Fragrance you love this perfume because its smells like imaginary orchard on mount Olympus with the heavenly mingled perfumes of peaches, apples, strawberries etc. Its smell divine at the end of the day only one spray required.
Wonderful gift, you could send to your families, friends, or anyone you would like to send as gifts or you could keep for yourself.
? Enhance your personality with Erba Pura perfume.
? They extended heart and base of the Perfume holds a little secret.
? It?s a magic potion in a gorgeous turquoise bottle.




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