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Gabrielle Perfume is an extra voluptuous, intensely feminine interpretation of the luminous floral fragrance. The perfume is an imaginary flower, faceted with jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and the maximum fascinating flower of all, Grasse tuberose.
Fragrance appears to be suspended weightlessly inside the putting, rectangular bottle crafted of ultra-thin glass because the four transparent sides fade into the history to allow the mild shine through. The label and the stopper have the equal form and indefinable lame shade, a delicate balance among gold and silver, and the indoors is warmed with a fair greater resplendent gold. Nestled in an imprint of its silhouette, the bottle is carefully covered with the aid of a valuable indoor sleeve.
Wonderful gift, you could send to your families, friends, or anyone you would like to send as gifts or you could keep for yourself.
? Clean and fresh white floral perfume.
? The fragrance appears to be suspended weightlessly within the striking, square bottle.
? A delicate gesture to heighten the solar notes of the fragrance.




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