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Leather-based Oud takes the idea from when new perfume oils would be added to Floris in small leather cases, including their heady perfume to the overall aroma of the essences as they had been opened the freshness of recent leather-based compliments and highlights the smoky factors of the oud oil.
Glowing cutting edge amber notes entire the concord adding depth to the woody base accord. Created with Oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood, this oil is many of the most costly within the perfumer?s palette with deep traits found in no different oil it is an expensive deep sensual note that mixes superbly with rose and sandalwood.
Fragrance Notes
? Top notes: bergamot, leather
? Heart notes: carnation, geranium, oud, patchouli
? Base notes: oud, vetiver, woody amber
Wonderful gift, you could send to your families, girlfriends, or anyone you would like to send as gifts.
? This is a packaging design and branding project for women fragrance done under the Fragrance design class.
? The concept is inspired by the movement and rhythm when a woman is walking elegantly and confidently.
? The bottle is designed with some leather material.


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