Magnificent Gold-100ml



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Magnificent Gold is a light woody oriental perfume illuminated by cute vanilla and warm spice the hole is a sensitive, diffused combination of pink pepper and saffron heart notes are deliciously creamy and subtly candy, mingling balsamic tones of Mysore sandalwood with the smoothest vanilla. A precious base of white oud beautifully balances, leaving a tender, state-of-the-art end that?s best for evenings and funky climate put on.
Fragrance the most precious ingredient, a luminous white oud, enlightens an elegant vanilla pod, creating the feeling of a vibrant gold texture.
Wonderful gift, you could send to your families, friends, or anyone you would like to send as gifts or you could keep for yourself.
? A fragrance that blends perfectly with your body.
? It enhances your masculinity.
? Boosts your confidence levels even during sweaty season.


Lintense De Blue


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