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Rose Kabuki is a delicate rose swathed in powdery, cottony musk?s, bringing to mind the stainless faces of traditional Rose Kabuki Theater. A rose this is pink at coronary heart, but enveloped in a white that haloes its petals. Its caressing softness is pricked with brilliant, dew pearled vegetables.
Fragrance of rose kabuki is a bright, sheer rose. It smells like fresh rose garden with the morning dew still on the roses and their leaves. It?s a fresh, dewy, slightly rose smells like sheer and roses.
A special gift, they are nice gift choices for your mother, sister, friends, classmate, or lover on birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and any other occasion.
? Clean and fresh white floral perfume.
? A fragrance that blends perfectly with your body.
? Projection is big and the longevity is very good, 7/8 hours of solid performance.


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