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Some roses are pleasant smelled within the darkish. Rose Noir takes the innocence of a clean Damascene rose and tramples it underfoot. The romance of the bed strewn with rose petals intensifies as the petals mingle with the decadent fragrances of sensuality you can languish in that aroma, made peppery by means of freesia, and darkened with earthy cistus, inexperienced moss, and musk. Rose Noir is a contemporary rose, dirtied up and served with a pleasant dollop of sensuality.
Fragrance Rose Noir Perfume, a sensational new fragrance that will change the way you think about roses forever.
A perfect gift, this perfume are very popular among women; can be presented as gifts on birthday, anniversary, holidays, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and so on.
? This perfume is a traditional olfactory rose, twisted by darkening its character.
? A sweet, musk that’s works for any season. It?s mature and alluring; you usually have to reapply after five hours or so try to use it sparingly.
? The box is also super fancy.


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