Velvet Hazes-100ml



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Velvet Haze is patchouli reinvented for the present-day technology airy, sparkling, delightfully candy and elegant forget your head store fears of olde, as the hole of Velvet Haze, is love-at-first-sniff: candy coconut milk laced with chocolate, a touch of leafy inexperienced freshness, all wrapped up in a cloud of fluffy musk?s gradually, the patchouli involves the leading edge, but it?s layered with the sweet milk of youth memories, a lick of delicious chocolate, dewy tropical plant life, and the merest hint of smoke. Velvet Haze is a coconut of luxurious that had us swooning the moment we encountered it.
Fragrance notes are Ambrette, coconut water, patchouli leaves, cocoa absolute, cotton musk?s, wild musk.
Wonderful gift, you could send to your families, friends, or anyone you would like to send as gifts or you could keep for yourself.
? A fragrance that blends perfectly with your body.
? It enhances your masculinity.
? Boosts your confidence levels even during sweaty season.


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